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Dale Pratt, Ken Lambe, and Doru Gorzo are the partners of Extensive Energy Technologies Partnership (EETP). The three have worked together as business acquaintances since 1997 providing numerous advancements and designs to the MWD market through the respective companies of Newsco Directional Oilfield Services, Elite Machining, and now as EETP.

EETP started in 2015 during the oil downturn. The early years were spent writing patents and product designs to support MWD Service companies and existing oilfield tools.

EETP has 14 CND and US patents issued or pending and additional concepts to patent.

What We Do

EETPs goal was to provide improved products at a lower cost to customers to gain market share. We have accomplished this goal with most of our commercial products. Most of the products developed have been successfully operated downhole with exceptional results and return customers. Sales increased since 2016 as EETP’s technology proved reliable and economical to operate. Customer satisfaction acted as the primary marketing tool resulting in increased sales and an expanding customer base. Sales have increased close to 100% since 2016 even during a recession coupled with a pandemic proving resilience and EETP has accumulated very little debt.

EETP’s reputation is very well respected with 100% repeat customers and marketing via work of mouth with no salesperson. EETPs  team generates all the design, assembly, sales, and support very efficiently. Our team is expanding to meet customer requirements and support, no project is too large or too small.

Our Product List includes:

  • Triaxial vibration dampener, low-maintenance costs, leasing potential
  •  Latching rotary connector with supporting BeCu centralizer components
  • Centralizer fins, improved shock snubber, integrated transorbs and pigtails
  • Improved XYZ shock snubber for batteries, gamma, pulsers, electronics
  • Dual gap EM gap subs for most tubular sizes
  • Test equipment for gap subs, vibration reference, oil purge systems
  • Universal driver with improved 10mm ball-screw, encapsulated BLDC motor, and hybrid piston pressure compensation.
  • Low-cost efficient high data rate mud pulser with simplistic design and low maintenance fees
  • Fracking valve closed system for open/closing arrays and addressable valves from surface control
  • Ongoing consultation as technical support to MWD companies and downstream companies


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